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Let’s Be Blunt: Rihanna’s Got a Nice, Nice Bod

Click through to check out Rihanna’s top 10 swimwear moments in the last 365, plus links to buy her gilded beach body accoutrement. Or just hang out here and get zen with Riri’s bodymind.

Tavi’s Reign Supreme:

At only 15, she is shrewder than most industry vets, approaching her role as a ‘blogger’ with a less-is-more credo. In a world of breaking headlines, newer, new media and a slew of toddler pret-a-prodigies, Gevinson’s wisdom is gospel.

How Do You Separate the Wheat from the Crap Online?

Today in ‘jBlog’s a Cynic,’ I grill John Januzzi of Textbook on sites that get his engine whirring and the annoying shiz some bloggers do. Get to pondering, people.

Okay, So Kanye Loves Carine, But Does She Love Him Back?

A look at Kanye’s unrequited feelings for the former French Vogue editrix, here.

‘Pretty Much Everything’ Book Costs Pretty Much All Of Your Money:

Admittedly, my first headline for this piece was Alphabet Soup Photographers Produce Exorbitant Masterpiece, but I thought the one I went with was a bit more subtle. Extra, extra, read all about it!

Chloë Is a Designer, But Doesn’t Know How To Sew

10 surprising facts about the only person in K.I.D.S. people ever tell me I look like. Oh yeah, and Telly, but that one’s way obvious.

Where Brooklyn At?

Think Brooklyn Decker’s hot? Me too. Like the way she always punctuates her looks with a punchy shoe? OMG, me, too! Learn more about her signature look here!

Because Acronyms are Suggestive…

Check out my new piece for BULLETT, where I dissect the FTC and TTH’s impact on the GNP.

jBlog Returns, Goes Indie

Hey jBlog fans, if you want daily updates from me, be sure to check out BULLETT online, where I will be playing fashion news editor. Come for the offensive cartoons, stay for my irresistible charm.

The drawing above is courtesy of the fabulous Blake Wright, professional genius/sadist. Check him out—and say jBlog sent you!

Packin’ It On Up:

What started as a New Year Challenge quickly turned into my favorite past-time.  Writing this blog and getting positive feedback has really changed the role I see for myself in the fashion industry.  And it has been a source of great joy to me.

What jBlog did was function as a catalyst.  It got me to get my act together and put together a portfolio of my writing to show to prospective employers.  It was this portfolio that resulted in the following good (tinged with bad) news:  I have a new job!  Starting April 5th, I will be working for and unfortunately, will no longer be able to keep jBlog.

This may very well be my final post in this forum, but fear not, as I will most certainly be back one day.  Hopefully, then, someone besides my pet tortoise, Shell Turtlestein, will actually heed my sage fashion wisdom.  With that, I bid you adieu.  Thank you to everyone who has read my blog and encouraged me along the way — it has meant the world to me!